AMA 2023-01-06

Here follows a summary of this AMA, for those that want to see/hear the source watch the recording here.

Christmas Event

  • The unique Locke card, it is the rarest card in the game so far, only a total of 2000 cards so far.
  • It will only be possible to mint 1000 Locke in total, once those have been minted no more.

Monday, 9th January 2023 Patch

  • This will mark the end of the Christmas Event.
  • New Crafting and collection improvements will be launched.
    • Easier to merge with a semi-automated system to speed up the merging and upgrading of cards.
    • lots of new improvements to the collection handling, things that have been shown before e.g. filtering, searching etc.
  • End of the Era reward calculation will be based on the highest ELO that was achieved in the last week of the Era.
  • Players with higher than 1800 ELO will start facing rating decay after one week of inactivity.
  • Affinity stacking card bonuses will start working slightly differently: Smaller powered cards will continue to get a bonus of 20, while bigger cards will get less e.g. 5 or 10.

End of #2 Era Start of Era #3 – 19th January 2023 23:30 UTC

Era #3 will start directly after the maintenance window where the new changes will be deployed. This update will contain big changes to game mechanics.

  • There are 2 new big game play changes:
    • A new win condition can be reached before turn 16, Sami hinted that if you are really good you might do it as early as turn 10 or 12.
    • 2-3 weeks after the start of Era a new dimension will be added to the game that will truly make every game unique and different from previous games, the combination of these 2 changes will be very big.
  • New Event, Chinese New Year themed.
    • 3 themed chests will be introduced in the shop
    • There will be 2 unique cards that can be earned, and they will be of the Fire element.

Web3 updates

  • Stardust to Magic Link migration happening in January as planned.
  • Bridging from Polygon will be disabled 2-3 days prior to the Magic Link Migration to minimize risks.
  • Post migration, it will be possible to bridge multiple packs to one account, BUT as before it will still only be possible to open one pack per account. This is possible to help people that would like to trade their packs on IMX instead of polygon/opensea.
  • It will be possible to link an external wallet and to export the game wallet from the patch on the 19th Jan.
  • The new Magic Link Collection will be available on external marketplaces, which means it will be possible to buy/sell all minted things (chests, cards, packs).
  • Game internal marketplace will be later (no ETA yet).
  • The big re-numbering: If you want to keep the number on a specific card you must mint it. Only minted cards will keep the number (or lower) while non-minted cards might end up with a larger number.
  • There will be a big article detailing all ins and outs of Magic Link and the external Marketplaces before it happens.
  • Can of course only sell/buy cards that have been minted.

Other updates

  • All AMA and communications will now always be in English first.
  • New Payment methods to be added, Crypto and PayPal (aprox 7-10 days after the Stardust -> Magic Link migration)
  • The minting price will always be $1, currently, it is 2 CTA tokens, eventually when the CTA token is launched and traded on exchanges the cost in CTA will fluctuate based on the exchange price of the token.
  • Card Levels
    • Level 2 for cards will be available end of January (same time as crypto payments will be launched)
    • Level 3 and 4 will be released at the same time, before GA, but there will be some release cycle, probably a weekly cycle where the new card animations/art are released by element.
    • Once all the Level 4 have been released they will start Level 5.
    • Sami was hinting that the card level might have some more function than just cosmetic (though Quentin was disagreeing, but Sami was being enigmatic saying it will be for something else too)
  • Launch of CTA token, no plans to do that, need to build a community, could be a year too many factors that decide this to even talk about it at this point.
  • New missions are coming, but probably for Era #4.
  • In February, a new “inbox” system will be introduced. If you forget to claim your daily chest, or weekly chest you will have another 24h to claim it from your inbox. This will also be where all future rewards and other things will be sent (more info to come later).
  • A special edition of the book will be available during the first half of the year 2023 (English and French)
  • Normal edition by end of the year.

Road to GA (General Access/Release)

  • GA is slated for the end of Q1 2023.
  • During Era #3 new players will be invited to join the game, this will help stress test and get the word out there.
    • Working with over 50 partners and their communities they will start inviting people to join the EA.
    • New Player will get a small pack, 10 cards of U, UC and R cards.
    • New Player will be limited to max 150 CTA tokens, and will pay 50 cent per token.
  • A new tutorial will be launched to help onboard new players.
  • Move videos and explanations to help new players will also be created.
  • The mobile whitelist will be removed for era #3 and onwards, But Apple and Google only allow up to 10k accounts for testing purposes so that will be the cap.

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