AMA 2023-01-19


  • T-shirts in different colors, male and female where the logo is embroidered and not printed ..
  • in Feb all should be available in the shop.
  • and more coming!

Christmas events

  • stats Locke’s opened:
    • None foil Standard card: 1658
    • None foil alternative: 573
    • Foil Standard: 171
    • Foil Alternative: 66

Future event: The top 10 in an era will get a special emote or something similar, Sami liked the idea of it.

Lunar New year Event

  • 3 chests,
    • 1 mission chest similar to what we saw in the Christmas event chest
      • If your account has opened a premium pack before you open the Lunar New year reward chest you will have one of the exclusive event cards + the ultra-rare chard.
      • This means that for the free-2-play people that will be joining during era #3 that got the 10-card starter pack unless they also buy a premium pack they will not get the exclusive card nor the ultra-rare card.
      • The way to get rewards for the event will evolve during the following weeks, so expect some slight changes to how it worked in the Christmas event.
    • 2 chests available in the shop, each chest will contain an exclusive card
      • a neo chest
      • an omega chest, there will be a limit of 3 omega chests per account.
  • The exclusive card is the phoenix card,
    • There will be 2 versions of it, standard and alt.
    • you can earn them in the game by winning, but it will be rarer than the Locke event card because this is a rare card vs Locke being a common card.

New Game mode

The purpose of this new default ranked game mode is that each player will have a score, it will start at 0. Everything that you do in-game will earn you points, capture cards, make affinities, hold on to affinities, and if you get to a specific point value you will win before turn 16, if no winner by end of turn 16, the one with the most points wins. exact details will be in the patch note. This new game mode will allow the team to tweak things a lot more and to make sure the game is balanced as they can easily change what gives points.

2-3 weeks into this new game mode they will introduce some changes “Part 2”

  • A game will have one “contract” and one “Condition”
  • The contract is basically what is the goal of the game to win, e.g. how many points 17, 25, 40 or any type of thing.
  • The conditions are different types of limitations that are added to the players, such as:
    • starting without a leader in hand
    • only having 7 cards
    • you can only do 1 chain
    • and many more conditions.
    • there will also be special “events” such as on turn 4 a nature field could just happen, and then on turn 5 a light field gets deployed
  • New players will not have any conditions, but as they reach some threshold let’s say1150 they will be introduced to conditions, but the pool of conditions at this ELO rating is very limited maybe on 2-3.
  • As a player climbs in ELO the pool of conditions will continue to expand.
  • At the highest ELO ratings, the game will introduce 2 conditions
  • Trisel limit, to prevent botting.. only the duel reward.. normal players are unlikely to hit the limit, and if you skip a day you will get more the next day.. and higher ELO gets a higher limit, and you can accumulate over days to get more, up to 30 days.. this prevents bots from 24/7 harvesting. does not affect mission rewards.

The Road to GA

  • 350 current partnerships and another 150 more to come taking the number of partnerships above 500 each one will bring at least 250 players.. so many new players will be joining
  • New dynamic tutorial to help to onboard all these people, making it very easy for new people to start playing
  • Trisel game win reward limit
    • This only affects Trisel earned from winning a game (does not affect missions or event-related things).
    • limit is introduced to curtail botting.
    • it is unlikely to affect regular players
    • every day everyone gets a max limit of Trisel that can be earned from winning games, if you do not use up all your daily limit, the reminder will transfer over to the next, it will carry over for 30 days.
    • The daily cap will grow the higher up the ladder you are, e.g. its linked to your ELO raiting.

Next AMA in 2 weeks

  • During that AMA the first unique card will be given out, a unique card means there is only 1 of it.
  • There are 7 unique cards for Arkhante
  • The winner of the first unique card will be given to someone that has opened a premium pack, and it will be randomized on the pack token ID.
  • The picking of this token ID will be done by a third party to remove any doubt of interference from the CTA team.
  • The second unique card will be in a card pack, but nobody knows when or who as it is just random from the pack algorithm, all that is known is that it has not been opened yet.
  • Unique cards are automatically Grade S, and alternative art versions and foil.
  • the 2 first unique cards to be given out are Aurelius and Sarash.


  • multiple steps, each hour/day depending on how things go:
    • unplug bridge.
    • Deploy new the collection, new contract, and mint all currently minted cards to the new collection, and do the split of foils and none foil numbering
    • will re-create all the history of the packs and burns (e.g. cards used merged into other cards were burned but will be re-created and then burned again so history is consistent).
    • will burn all of stardust collections, since things have been re-created in the new collection
    • only the “Bored Box” require some special steps from the owners.
    • Mint will be enabled again.
    • Crafting involving NFTs will not work, because it will try to burn NFTs, this will be later (one week)
    • introduction magic link wallet, players will have to initialize it, and there will be a video with step-by-step instructions. Once that has been done all NFTs tied to your game account will be transferred to the magic link wallet automatically.
    • You can export the seed from the magic link wallet, making it possible to import it into other wallets outside of the game. and you have full control of your NFTs. e.g. you can move all your cards from your secondary account to your primary account etc. But to play with the cards you have to enable them with Trisel. Crafting and selling on the marketplace you can do right away.
    • And after all this, the bridge will be enabled again, but it will look slightly different and will allow you to bridge multiple packs to one account, but you can still only open one premium pack per account but it lets you sell the packs on the marketplace.
    • enable cold wallet linking, e.g. ledger. moving things to a cold wallet will let you play with it, but you cannot interact with it in any other way e.g. merging or in-game marketplace.
    • Crypto payments will be available, and an in-game marketplace will be enabled.
    • Crypto payments will be possible to use for both Prana and CTA tokens.

About the unique cards

  • For the initial planned lifetime of Cross the Ages, there will be a total of 99 unique cards, every season will have 7 unique cards, so 14 cards per year, which adds up to 7 years + 1 special unique card because Sami likes the number 99.

Guild Features

  • Many guild features are being worked on
  • Things will get revealed in February
  • but there will be features to share cards within the guild with different permissions

World Championship

  • There will be a world championship in 2023
  • It will be in person!
  • Will be a big event,
  • The first one will most likely be in the south of France, the origin of the game
  • And then a different country every year
  • there will be qualifying events, a pro-tour etc.
  • At the actual event, there will be a lot of side events for people that want to come and do more than just spectate.

Phoenix Standard

Phoenix Alt

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