AMA 2023-02-03

Recording of AMA can be found on twitch.

Road to GA

  • Starting from Monday 6th February, new players will be joining the game via the different partners’ distributions of “Starter Packs”.


  • Patch notes will be available in the game soon.
  • Communicate gameplay changes will be communicated earlier, at least a few days before, preferably a week before.
  • The big guilds have been contacted to help with the testing of new features, but due to legal/compliance issues it has taken some time to get everything organized, but it is now very close to having been solved and there is an expectation that the test team will be expanded and new features will get more testing before being rolled out.
  • in 2-3 months will launch a “Public Test Environment” where it will be possible for people to try out new and upcoming features before they are released.

Lunar New Year Event – Phoenix cards so far:

  • None Foil Standard ~ 1000
  • None Foil Alternative ~ 400
  • Foil Standard ~ 100
  • Foil Alternative ~ 50

Game Play Update – “Afixes” / Conditions

  • 2 pools of conditions:
    • Pool 1: 7 different conditions and the number of conditions you can get is based on ELO scaling from 1150 – 1700-1800.
    • Pool 2: these conditions are only used above e.g. 1800, and will be a second condition in addition to one from Pool 1.
  • The 7 conditions for Pool 1:
    • #1 – No condition.
    • #2 – Random field: A random field of strength 30 will be applied twice during the game, and it will last for 2 turns each time and each player will respectively get to be the first player of the field. The field can be overridden by a player-casted field. (more rules and details to be released will be announced with its release).
    • #3 – Chain 2: Starting chain is 2 instead of the standard 1, and playing a leader will make it 3.
    • #4 – Chain 1: Chain will remain 1 even if you play your leader, so it will remain 1 throughout the game.
    • #5 – Affinity stacking: Cards gain power as long as affinity is maintained.
    • #6 – Winning score: Change to the score required to win, which could be anywhere in the range of 55-70.
    • #7 – Surprise, will be revealed later but related to cards in your hand.
  • Pool 2 Conditions:
    • Speed – 20 seconds turn
    • Shift – Permanent Shift, shift SA will reverse it.
    • “Golden Widdow” – only draw 1 loot.
    • two more, but to be revealed later.
  • Different ELO will have access to different conditions, as such in a match the lowest ELO player determine which conditions can be used.
  • Will not initially be available to everyone, will be based on ELO rating starting to 1150 ELO


  • Marketplace, on the way some issues with ordering problems and has delayed it on IMX. Expected solution by the 8th of Feb.
  • MagicLink, Marketplace, and transfer will come on the 8th.
  • Prana will be listed in the marketplace as bundles, $100, $250, $500 it will be an NFT, and you will open it in the game and the Prana will get added, with some NFT card.
  • There will be physical cards for prana like gift cards (10, 15,25), that will have an NFT as well, this is a limited launch product part of the marketing effort.

Unique Sarash card

  • Randomly selected opened pack from a 3rd party bailiff
  • the winner was pack id = 8042

Quentin followed up with a discord post going into detail about some more web3 things:

Quentin – Discord – 2023-02-04

Following yesterday’s AMA, we had a lot of feedback from you guys. Today I wanted to update you on a few Web3 subjects that will most likely please you.

We initially intended to offer the CTA Tokens bundle on the MarketPlace but this raised 2 challenges: discount and cap management. Nothing is more frustrating than buying something and realizing that we made a mistake when trying to redeem it.
Thus, instead, there will only be Prana bundles on the MP and instead the CTA Token will be available directly in-app in Prana.
It means that CTA Tokens will then be only available using Prana in-game. You will then buy it, with or without the discount, in regards to your cap and whether Pranas have been purchased using credit card or using crypto (or a mix of the 2). So no risk of missing the discount or taking a bundle that is too big compared to the cap + possibility of buying half in crypto and the other half in credit card, for example.

We had initially imagined a restriction system on P2P transfers where you had to activate them with Trisels. However, this system ultimately turns out to be more penalizing than rewarding for a player vs a buyer (and not really preventing whales either).
Thus, we have taken all of this feedback into consideration and are removing the Trisel activation system for the cards (including SR cards dropped weekly after GA).
Whether you want to play it, craft it, sell it and whether it was purchased on your Ledger, via another Wallet or your Game Wallet, no cost in Trisel at all for any kind of transfers. Trisel which can therefore now be used by players who multi-account to craft cards.

This has been changed considering in the end, our system almost did the opposite of what it was intended for, it encouraged whales to buy everything on the MP and in the end the investor player who wanted to grow his earnings had a hard time with all the Trisel fees.
Of the 3 types of NFT: Packs/Chests, Cards and Passes, only the Passes will have this system.
Indeed, it is a unique and important object for the experience and the future of CTA, moreover it is an important benefit for the early ones, nothing more frustrating than having a newcomer buy the first pass and get all the benefits.
So any pass, whether from the MP or elsewhere, will need to be activated to get the benefits.
In addition, only one pass can be active per account, if you want to swap it will deactivate the one currently present. At most we can have 2 active passes (a premium and a legacy).
Any pack opening auto-activates the pass, i.e. when I open an Apprentice I have my Apprentice mint pass automatically activated on the account thatI opened this Apprentice on. This is of course the case for already-made openings.
As a reminder, CTA Tokens cap is defined by the PreSale pack opened on the account, not by the current Pass. We will clarify the CTA Tokens cap breakdown in an upcoming update to clarify this. Also, cap is relevant up to the listing, after that, no more cap.

Last but not least, given these changes, there is one restriction that will no longer make sense, which is preventing someone who has onboard the project with a Standard from being able to open a Premium (Apprentice / Disciple / Primus) on its account.
Thus, we put the restriction of one pack per account only on packs that contain passes. Thus, you can open a maximum of a Standard + a Premium + a Legacy on your account.
Concerning Standard and Premium, only the highest tokens cap of the 2 will be taken into account.

In any case, our goal and these changes are there to simplify things while prioritizing players first.

All of this will happen at the same time of the next web3 update which will include:
– Non-custodial wallet
– Transfer
– Marketplace
– Crypto payment for the shop (through NFT redeemable)

Ice on the cake, we are studying the possibility of paying by credit card via the website for those who are on mobile at this moment and also later to benefit from reduced fees (because 30% of fees on Google/Apple).
Oh, one last thing, the community wiki with monthly rewards for contributors is almost ready

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