AMA 2023-02-20

Lunar Event

Latest numbers of the phoenix exclusive card (not all chests have been opened yet so not possible to know the final exact numbers):

  • Standard
    • None Foil ~ 2300
    • Foil ~ 240
  • Alternative
    • None Foil ~ 850
    • Foil ~ 90

Road to GA

Invited several thousand, and it will accelerate, inviting more and more people as closer we get to GA. Though some problems with all the crashes currently and working closely with the VLC team to try to solve some very difficult Unity problems, there is hope that a solution will be available soon.

IMX / web3

There have been a lot of problems, and it was a bit disappointing with the partners and their capabilities, and the team is realizing that it will be better to invest in the skills and tools in-house instead of trying to outsource some of these things. The first steps in this direction will be to continue to expand the “Briding application” so that it will be able to do a lot more:

  • A shop where you can buy prana directly (avoiding the Apple/google fees)
  • A CTA marketplace
    • This marketplace will be the sort of “in-game” marketplace.. because of google/apple and their fees and rules for in-game purchases it might not be possible to easily have things in-game, so doing things on this “CTA” web application will offer a lot more options.
    • Will launch in 2-3 weeks.
    • Fees – buyer/sell fees
      • will by default be 0.5% (compared to IMX, and other marketplaces which are 1%)
      • if you have at least 50 CTA tokens fee will be 0.25%
      • if you have a mint pass (any) it will be 0% fee!
    • cards will have more info than other marketplaces, better search, and a search/info that is specialized on CTA vs the generic NFT marketplaces.

Mint Pass

  • Mint passes will no longer have any Trisel transfer fees, nor any activation costs, it is automatically activated when transferred to a different account.
  • At the start of a new set, all mint pass holders will be air-dropped exclusive cards, Card A/B/C. A combo card can be created by merging all 3 cards. All the Cards come fully upgraded/Awakened.
    • Apprentice/Red: Card A
    • Disciple/Green: Card B
    • Primus/Blue: Card C
    • Legacy: Get all 3, A, B, C.
    • Golden: Get all 3, A, B, C in foil.
    • Golden Legacy, all 3 in foil, and the combo in rank S
  • Sami bought 3 gold passes, he will keep one for himself, and give one to Quentin and one will be given out community (to be determined later)
  • Gold Mint Pass:
    • For every start of a new collection/set (e.g. Arkhante/Matris etc) hold will receive a gift of $500 in Prana to spend as they wish (hint-hint, buy chests of the new collections!)
  • Golden Legacy Mint Pass:
    • Gold Mint Pass times 3 (so $1500 in prana for the start of every new set for the next 7 years)
    • Start of every set 1 Unique card will be randomly given to one of the Golden Legacy mint pass.
  • Mint passes will have a big impact on the other games as well (MMO, MOBA).

7 Unique Cards per set:

  • 1 for the “Enigma”
  • 1 for the world championship
  • 1-2 available in packs to be opened by a random person.
  • 1 will be opened by one of the Gold Legacy mint pass holders.
  • no mention of exactly how the others will be given out..

Next Era

  • Last Era before GA
  • Will start on 6th of March (current Era will end on 5th of March at midnight)
  • A Fresh start, with the following major game changes:
    • Affixes
    • Starting hand changes
    • Changes to how scoring works

Arkhante Event

  • Will start with the new Era
  • This will be called “Arkhante” and it will be the official start of the Arkahante collection/set.
  • The focus the first year will be on “Light” Arkhome, which is why it will contain 7 light Exclusive cards, every year there will be a focus on a specific Arkhome, and the Arkhante event every year will have 7 exclusive cards of that specific arkhome.
  • Will consist of 2 parts, Part 1 and Part 2.
    • Part 1 – will be for a couple of weeks in march before GA
      • Exclusive card: Astrid, will be available in standard and Alternative
    • Part 2 – will be after, closer to GA.
      • The chest will be in this event.
      • 5 Exclusive cards:
        • Griffin Standard/alternative
        • Giant Eagle Standard/Alternative
        • Griffin + Giant Eagle Combo
  • It will be a new type of event, with a new type of progression:
    • you will be earning points, with endless progression (you earn points by mission and duels).
    • The points you will be able to spend in the shop where you can buy:
      • Random cards
      • Exclusive card
      • Cosmetics
      • Trisel
    • There will be a paid event pass
      • This had to be added partially because of bots, if they don’t have it, they cannot make good rewards
      • for those that do not get an even pass, you can still play the event and exchange points for card bundles, and for some cosmetics
      • for those that buy an event pass it will be possible to get access to all the items in the point store.
    • it will be possible to use Prana to complete/skip part of the event e.g. if you find yourself running out of time but you really want to get something specific prana can be used to unlock it.


What about equipment?

  • it will come in due time, they do not want to mix that in now the game is already complex enough and with the launching of the new game mechanic changes mentioned above, there is no need for more complexity.

Can you have multiple mint passes on the same account and get multiple Exclusive card drops?

  • you can have the different mint pass (red/green/blue) on 1 account and get the special card for each on the next seasons (when getting the new chest collection), no need for different accounts.

Astrid Exclusive cards in next event:

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