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Public Release (GA) – 2023-03-29!!

New Gameplay

  • You will start with 4 cards and the possibility to draw one (so 5 cards in the first playable turn).
  • You will have 2 redraw available.
  • The points earned for a capture is always 2 points (unchanged)
  • The points earned for a Simple Affinity : 0
  • The points earned for a Double Affinity : 1 per card
  • The point threshold to win is always 65
  • Depending on your ranking, you will have 2 pools of affixes

First Pool of Affixes (0-1699 rating)

Affixes are unlocked as your rating increases.

An affixe is then launched and announced randomly at the beginning of the game

  • From 0 to 1199 Rating :
    • No game modifier
  • At 1200+ Rating :
    • Elemental: A field of a random element is activated at a certain turn. You know when it will be activated, but not which element. The field lasts 2 turns:
      • Field strength: 30
      • If a field is already active, it will be overridden by this one.
      • When a player plays a field of his own, at the end of it we return to neutral.
      • 1 field activated turn rand(5-8), 1 field activated turn 10-13 (first rand + 5 : if first is activated at turn 5, the other is activated at 10 ; if it’s activated at turn 6, the other is activated at turn 11 ; …).
      • the turn of the field activation of the first field is announced at game’s beggining. Element and activation turn of the second field is announced after the decay of the first field.
  • At 1250+ Rating :
    • Score Twist : Modification of end score rand (55, 60, 70).
  • At 1300+ Rating :
    • Extended Reach : Chain starts at 2.
  • At 1350+ Rating :
    • Inspiring : All cards with the same Element as the leader gains 25 power :
      • If a player uses Banner of command, it stacks.
  • At 1400+ Rating :
    • Limited reach : Chain can’t go above 1.
  • At 1450+ Rating :
    • Field Overflow : Fields are boosted by +25 power.
  • At 1500+ Rating :
    • Revolution : At the start of the duel, your leader is locked in your hand and can’t be played until turn 7-8.

Second pool of Affixes (1700+ rating)

  • Classic: No game modifier.
  • Blitz Game: You will have 24 seconds per turn.
  • Shift: same as SA SA_SHIFT_ADVANTAGES but for the whole duration of the duel. If you play a leader with shift advantage, it un-shifts for the duration of the SA.
  • Golden Redraw: Only 1 draw at the start of the game.
  • Affinity Stacking: When a card has 1 affinity, it gains power each turn :
    • Mode D, +20 (Adds 20 power every 2 turns starting at the end of next turn, once per card).

Perks & Mint Pass


  • All PERKS are only based on CTA Tokens.
  • Your CTA tokens cap is based on what pack (Standard, Premium, Legacy and after GA for the first 2000 opening of Neo chest) you opened, it is not tied to mint pass.
  • Mint Pass is not related to any tier inside Perks.
  • SR Airdrops are tied to CTA Tokens only.
  • Although Mint Pass allows you to do less weekly quests to be eligible to receive them.

Mint Passes

  • Red Mint Pass -> You can get it in Apprentice pack Or on the IMX marketplace.
  • Green Mint Pass -> You can get it in Disciple pack or on the IMX marketplace.
  • Blue Mint Pass -> You can get it in Primus pack or on the IMX marketplace.
  • Legacy Mint Pass -> You can get it in from Legacy pack or on the IMX marketplace.
  • Golden Mint Pass -> 1% to obtain from Premium pack or on the IMX marketplace.
  • Golden Legacy Mint Pass -> 1% to obtain from Legacy pack or on the IMX marketplace.


What are the next season Special Cards?

  • Red Mint Pass -> 1 Red Special Card
  • Green Mint Pass -> 1 Green Special Card
  • Blue Mint Pass -> 1 Blue Special Card
  • Legacy Mint Pass -> 1 Red + Green + Blue Special Cards
  • Golden Mint Pass -> 1 Red + Green + Blue Foil Special Cards
  • Golden Legacy Mint Pass -> 1 Red + Green + Blue Foil Special Card & Alternative Foil Special Card version.

How to obtain next season Special cards?

  • You will receive weekly tickets until the beginning of the pre-sale of season 2. These tickets are NFT, so it is possible to resell them.
  • You can buy your season 2 packs with your tickets
  • A season 2 pack will cost the same amount as the number of tickets earned.
  • For example: If you have a BLUE MINT PASS, you will have the possibility at the time of the presale to spend them to buy a BLUE season 2 pack. But you can also choose to buy 2 green packs, or 5 red packs

Here is the distribution of tickets according to your MINT PASS :

  • Apprentice: 2 premium tickets.
  • Disciple: 5 premium tickets.
  • Primus 10 premium tickets.
  • Legacy: 17 premium tickets.
  • Golden: 17 premium foil tickets.
  • Golden Legacy: 17 premium foil tickets + 2 alternative foil tickets.

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