Changes to Neo Chest content and More!

With the launch on the GA, as promised the paid chest content is about to change and become less generous, this is what Quentin said on discord:

As you are all aware, the end of the Arkhante event will also be the end of the “Early” chests which are massively boosted for UR and Mythic.

As such, I wanted to let you know what the new chests in the Shop will look like (prices are unchanged). Below, you can find an image showing the difference between “EA” and “GA” chests in terms of average cards obtained. The most noticeable changes is the reduction of UR and Mythic in GA chests. Although, fields have been massively buffed as they were too scarce even when you pay (them being scarce on freemium is fine).

You have until Friday, April 7, 2023 3:00 AM to get those Early chests. If you bought them before, whether it is minted or not, you will keep the EA odds. In the next client update, those chests will have an “Early” banner on them to make it more identifiable both in-game and on the blockchain.

The GA chests will not be mintable until the end of April so the metadata on the blockchain can have time to be fully updated.

Also, I would like to remind you that the new system is what some other TCG or Gacha games use, after buying up to 25 Neo Chests you are guaranteed to obtain all the 50 mythics including 9 non-foil for each and 1 foil for each. Later in April, you will be able to view in realtime what is left in this stock and you will also be able to reset the stock if you were lucky enough to obtain what you were looking for (let’s say a Foil Solis). Finally, due to recent regulations updates, we are not able to provide our first intent which are already powered-up cards and/or alternative cards randomly directly in those chests. As such, we decided to move those cards into ladder rewards. More on this in the next AMA as well as some other surprises for those competing on the leaderboard.

And we also finally got an update on when the SR drops will start! the date is: 19th of April:

The SR Cards and Mantris Shards drops will start on April 19th, we will provide more information about them next week during NFT NYC although most of it is already known and available in the wiki.

Also an update for the few Gold and Gold Legacy holders:

In the update tomorrow, we will airdrop Prana bundles to Golden and Golden Legacy Mint Pass owners, you will be able to redeem those NFTs to get the Prana only if there is an adequate Mint Pass (either Golden or Golden Legacy depending on the bundle) on your Game or Cold wallet. So you cannot transfer/trade/sell it to anyone that does not have the corresponding Mint Pass. Their images are explicit on this restriction.

And an update regarding the end of the event, and how it will work with EP transfer between events etc:

Regarding your daily and weekly mission, any EP (and thus EC) earned during Arkhante Event will not carry to Easter Event. As such, you are free to redeem those missions during the Arkhante Event if you want more rewards from its shop or wait to claim them when the Easter Event starts. If you redeem them in-between (there is a 8-hours window without any event), they will automatically give credits to the Easter Event. The Event Shop will be opened on Saturday, April 8, 2023 7:00 PM. The Neo Easter will be available on Sunday, April 9, 2023 7:00 PM, IT WILL USE THE ODDS FROM GA NOT EA (so 2 Mythic on average). During the NFT NYC event, there will be a surprise chest available in the Shop for a very limited time, stay tuned.

This is an affordable chest of 3 packs (so in between Super and Extra) chest that is there to commemorate the presence of CTA at this event. It will be available to every player in the shop for about 1 week. For those who attend the event, if you win games you will receive it for free. This chest will be mintable and will give 1 cosmetic out of 3, randomly. There will be an icon, a profile banner and an emote, all 3 specific to New York 2023. There is no other way to obtain them other than receiving them from this chest. We will release such chests for every big event we do attend, expect at least 3 more this year.

P.S.: Later in April you will be able to select up to 8 emotes to use in-game

The new Distribution of cards in packs, EA vs GA:

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