Col’s Beginner Deck

New to the game and looking for some tips & insights on how to build a deck ? Don’t worry guardian, we got you !

Check out these videos with our special guest Col (from CTA team) introducing:

  • how to build a deck with the Field Buff/Debuff Special Attack as a free-to-play beginner
  • how to use it in some show matches !

Intro & Tips

Building a Deck with SA Buff/Debuff

Time to test it !

  • Game #1 — J1 (playing first), against an Earth Copy Deck. Let’s fight !
  • Game #2 — J2 (playing second), against a Shift Nature Deck. Leader advantage, looks good !
  • Game #3 — J2 (playing second), against a Copy Water Deck. Bets are open: will this be a 3-0 for Col ?

You’re now fully prepared to create your own Buff/Debuff Deck and to grind the ladder ! See you there, warrior.