Last patch before GA

GA is here, and this is the last patch before the General Availability later today!

some note worth things in this patch:

Game time!

  • You now have a total of 5 minutes to play no matter your rating (instead of 6 minutes until 1850 and 5 minutes after that).
  • You now have 1 minute and 30 seconds to play your turn instead of 2 minutes.

The 6 min games are over! Games will have to be faster, and also only have 1½ min to make your move I’m sure is going to make a few people lose a few games, but I can understand why doing it, get the games shorter and moving faster.


  • Surrender is now only available only if you have at least 20 score points.
  • If you lose by being AFK during a duel 5 times in 12h, you are now banned temporarily. The ban time increases if you AFK again during the same time window following your ban.

This is a serious attempt to try to curb the AFK and bot surrendering, but if you are playing the game and on turn 8-10 you feel you have been outplayed or just abandoned by the RNG gods you can surrender safely without any consequences, which makes sense.

Special Abilities:

  • Banner of Command – Added a new effect: Each battle card of the same Arkhome as your Leader has a deck cost reduction of -10.
  • Draw Refill – Added a new effect: The cards you draw using a redraw are empowered by +10 power.
  • Updated most of the special abilities description.

Making some of the less-used SAs a bit more viable! These are some interesting tweaks that hopefully will make these 2 SAs a bit more used!

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