MrReGeM’s Beginner Deck

You’ve probably already heard about him, or watched one of his CTA streams… I’m of course talking about our famous top player & french streamer MrReGeM, who share with us you in the following videos:

  • how to build a Copy Max deck as a free-to-play new player
  • how to use it and crush your opponents in some show matches !

Introduction & Tips

Building a Deck with SA Copy

Example games

  • Game #1 — J1 (playing first), against a Darkness Draw Refill Deck. Leader advantage for this first game !
  • Game #2 — J2 (playing second), against a Fire Power Stacking Deck. Leader advantage again !
  • Game #3 — J1 (playing first), against an Air Copy Deck. Will the winning streak continue ?
  • Game #4 — J1 (playing first), against an Fire Draw Refill Deck. We can’t stop him anymore, the ladder’s burning !

You’re now fully armed to create your own Copy Deck following MrReGeM’s advices! See you at the top, warrior.