Our Guild

Our Guild

A terrible threat looms upon Artellium. As time goes by, it penetrates deeper into the bowels of our land. Taking with it the colors of our lives, instilling discord even in the hearts of the most faithful…

Sensing our darkest hours were coming, Shado began to search for warriors to prepare for the great battle. He challenged anyone worthy to find him. One man succeeded first. A shadow mage who is now called Sencho. He was then chosen by Shado to grow and lead his army. Joined in his quest by some of his companions, they began to recruit warriors to build and strengthen the ranks of ARK. Thus was born, and has been growing ever since, the Guild of the Guardians of Arkhante.

(More about ARK’s origins here )

We are the first CTA-only gaming guild. Our community is made of people passionate about the different aspects of the CTA universe. Some are competitive players, others are avid readers passionate about the lore, while many are simply casual players looking for a place to discuss the game.

As a guild, we are currently gathering a competitive esport team, developping a space of creativity for artists and building a platform where players can learn and improve their skills.

Our play-and-earn guild philosophy is not about extracting value from different gaming projects, but about creating value by fostering the project’s growth and adding content to it.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we play games and we create value online by enabling digital property. Through its novels, artistical productions, games, partners and community, Cross The Ages is shaping up a metaverse, where value is not just about the player’s investments, but about what players will build on it. ARK’s aim is to become an extra layer on the Artellium metaverse.

Above all, we aim to be a place of respect, kindness and cooperation.

For those wishing to join us, our recruiting server awaits. Will you prove worthy?