Patch 0.6.2925 – 12th Jan

The anticipated hotfix turned into a full patch with plenty of fixes and tweaks, for full patch notes have a look here

Notable changes/fixes

One of the more notable items on the list:

  • Draw no longer changes the rating (+0/-0) based on rating difference, it is now neutral for the rating. Rating has been recomputed since the start of the era following this change.

Another thing that I’m sure many people will be very happy to hear is the:

  • Reworked the management of the connectivity in order to better track if you were disconnected.

Know Issues

We still got some known issues that can be quite frustrating to get hit with:

  • If you are player 1 and have to reconnect to the game, you might not be able to play your cards.

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Patch 0.6.2925 – 12th Jan

  • Sencho

    Thanks for the update!

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