Patch 0.8.3192

New patch! please find the patch notes. Things of note:

  • Gameplay changes: Points gained by a capture increased from 1 to 2. The score threshold increased from 50 to 65.
  • changes to Trisel gained per game and the introduction of the daily cap (this is the trisel earned from playing not missions).
  • Experience points earned will now be directly linked to the game’s score.
  • Removed the restriction from surrender, so you no longer need to wait X minutes before you can queue again.
  • NFT pack opening and NFT card crafting is operational again!

For those that are feeling a bit more experimental, do check out all the new options under “Custom game” a slew of new features to try out, especially the ones related to hand size! Some of these things might make it into a patch at some point, but this way as players, we have a chance to test some of the possible options.

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Patch 0.8.3192

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