Patch 9th Jan – upcoming hotfixes

The AMA mentioned patch rolled out on the 9th as planned with many changes, especially to the collection and merging GUI. full patch notes can be found here

Some of the highlights:

  • Merging interface
  • Deck builder changed
  • Ways to filter in both deck builder and card collection
  • Changes to the affinity stacking bonus (bigger cards get less bonus than smaller cards)
  • Changes to how ELO is calculated for Draw games, as well as re-calculating all draw games for Era #2 using the new way.
  • Whitelisting for mobile has been dropped.

Draw ELO changes

The Draw ELO change was probably the most discussed topic in the competitive scene. Many were surprised by how much this changed the leaderboard and there were several complaints, which led to the posting of a poll from CTA, to determine how to calculate ELO for draws, to leave it as it is, or remove ELO changes for draws.

This was the final result of that poll:

The “No rating change at all” came out ahead and right away Quentin posted:

All the draws will again get re-calculated based on this new way of handling Draws.

Hotfix patch incoming

Today in the morning Quentin followed up with an update on a timeline for the first hotfix:

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