Patch notes catch-up 2023-03-17

in the patch notes for: 0.11.3970, 0.11.3984, 0.11.4017 we learned of some changes that are worth discussing further.

  • The event shop is available in the game!
    • items previously mentioned in the medium article and more are now available in the shop, though it looks like prices on some items are not as previously stated (Quentin did point on that this was a miscommunication within CTA and placeholder values were published as final values.
    • Exclusive Event Cards cost 600 Event Coins, Exclusive cards Cannot be crafted.
    • Only the 2Astrid versions will be available up until the 22nd.
      • odds are: Standard/Alternative 3/4, Grade on Alternative is split as 70/22/7/1.
      • also, 1/10 chance for a foil
    • On the 22nd 5 additional exclusive cards are added (Giant Eagle, Griffin, and a combo of both).
      • odds are Alternate: 1/4, Combo 1/6, grade: 70/22/7/1.
      • also, still a 1/10 chance of a foil
    • Random Card +: 1/10 common, 1/10 uncommon Battle, 2/10 field, 2/10 rare, 3/10 ultra rare, 1/10 mythic.
    • Themed Neo Chest (from the 22nd) will contain one of the exclusive rares. based on the same odds as the Exclusive card from the event shop, it will also give you 250 event coins! This will be the LAST time neo chests work like this, there will be a new system for chest content post-GA.
  • Event Points earned per win have been slightly changed, you earn 125 EP between 1000-1150 ELO, and it goes up by 10 points per 150 ELO, so at 1300-1450, you will earn 145 EP per win.
  • It is now possible to link a cold wallet (.e.g hardware wallet such as a ledger) to your account, this is done from the CTA bridging web app (
  • Double affinity has been renamed to Trinity, simple affinity has been renamed to Affinity.

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