Patches 2023-02-07

a few more updates have been rolled out as we have seen almost daily maintenance for a few days, much of this is just backend stuff partially Web3 related, and also things related to onboarding of owners of the starter packs that different partners are handing out.

The significant patch would be: 0.8.3322 which added the long-awaited tutorial to help onboard new players. But also, a major update to the custom game, lots of new parameters that can be tweaked:

  • Size is the number of cards you have when starting the game. Default: 5, Min: 2, Max: Compound
  • Draw is the number of times you draw a card, starting on the first turn and each subsequent turn. Default: 8, Min: 0, Max: 8.
  • Redraw is the number of times you can discard a card to get a new one, you get this amount at the beginning of the duel. Default: 2, Min: 0, Max: 3.
  • You need to have/draw at least 10 cards in order to have valid parameters.
  • You cannot have + draw + redraw more than the maximum of a deck (20).
  • Split affinity score in simple and double. For now, the default is 1 for both (no change from the previous patch) but you can now change it as you prefer in custom. Keep in mind that a card counted with a double is not counted with a simple.

This addition to the custom game parameters, I believe this shows strong interest from CTA to test and try changes to the hands size and the draw/redraw mechanics and most likely we will see some combination of these things in ranked games eventually.

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