Special Rares (SRS) And Shards

With Shards and the first Special Rare airdrop having been completed, I figured it would be good to go through all the info and put it into one post for future reference, these are the facts as we know them:

Special Rares

The first SR airdrop was 19th of April 2023, there will be one SR drop every week for a total of 13 weeks, with 13 special cards, each a standard minted card (NFT) with a 10% chance of being a foil. 5 standard cards can be burned to create an Alternate card (see below). Once the 13 weeks/cards have concluded, the cycle will repeat, and the same cards will be airdropped again for another 13 weeks. A total of 26 weeks (6 months) will conclude the Arkhante Season and its SRs. This information has been communicated in AMAs, Discord, and in an official medium post.

important days/times to keep in mind:

  • Wednesday 02:00 UTC – snapshot will be taken to figure out which accounts will get SR airdrops (see below for validation conditions).
  • Wednesday – After the snapshot, ALL SR crafting will be disabled.
  • Wednesday – The SRs will be distributed, depending on the amount that needs to be sent out this can be a lengthy process.
  • Friday 16:00 UTC – crafting of SR cards will be re-enabled.

There are 2 conditions that must be met to get SR airdrops, CTA tokens and Weekly mission completion:

CTA required for obtaining SR cards:

  • With 500 CTA: 1 standard card per week
  • With 1000 CTA: 2 standard cards per week
  • With 2000 CTA: 4 standard cards per week
  • With 7000 CTA: at least 1 foil card out of the 4 cards

Weekly missions:

To get the above number SR cards you must have completed the Weekly level 3 chest unless you have a minting pass that will lower this requirement:

  • RED MINT PASS : you have to do the LEVEL 2 of the weekly chest
  • GREEN MINT PASS : you have to do the LEVEL 1 of the weekly chest
  • [BLUE , LEGACYGOLDENGOLDEN LEGACY] MINT PASS: no mission required to do, the drop is automatic.

These conditions will change after the Token Generation Event (TGE), which is still months away.

SR Crafting


Information related to shards/tickets was mostly revealed/discussed during the 2023-03-03 AMA.

Card Shards, or just shards (previously known as tickets), are NFTs that you will be able to exchange for Special Card(s) (Rarity: Special Rare) of your choosing (once the next Season pre-sale starts). Having a mint pass on your account will automatically make you eligible for the weekly shard airdrop. Shards are distributed at the same time as SRs are being distributed and the same snapshot is being used, so any account that has a mint pass on it at Wednesday 02:00 UTC will automatically get a set number of shards the following day, shards are distributed as follows:

  • Red Mint Passes: 2 shards per week -> Total would be 52
  • Green Mint Passes: 5 shards per week -> Total would be 130
  • Blue Mint Passes: 10 shards per week -> Total would be 260
  • Legacy Mint Passes: 17 shards per week -> Total would be 442
  • Gold Mint Passes: 17 Foil shards per week -> Total would be 442 F
  • Gold Legacy Mint Passes: 17 Foil shards per week + 2 Alternative Foil shards -> Total would be 442 Foil + 52 Alternative Foil

It is possible to have multiple mint passes on one account and that account will get all of the shards associated with those mint passes.

What do you get?

  • Red Special Card: cost 52 shards
  • Green Special Card: cost 130 shards
  • Blue Special Card: cost 260 shards
  • (The price of each Special Card is determined by its connection to the mint pass of the same color.)
  • You can also use your shards to obtain other cards. (to be revealed)

Keep in mind that it will be possible to buy shards on the marketplace if you require more than you have.

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