Streaming games for the Ark Tournament

The Top 16 of the ARK tournament will be streamed, 1 game of the quarter-final, both semifinals and the final. We ask participants to be ready and share their game. To help prevent any problems on the day of the tournament follow the below steps to test the sharing steps below.

It is strongly recommended to be doing this from a PC, doing this from a mobile phone might not work.


  • Start CTA and log in to the game.
  • start a browser, preferably Chrome or Edge (firefox has been shown to have some issues for some people).
  • in your browser open the web page:
  • Click on the “Remote Screenshare into OBS”
  • The following popup will give you some options:
  • You will have 3 different tabs, “Browser Tab” “Window” “Entire Screen”
  • Select Window (middle tab), and then look for the “CrossTheAgesTCG” application, select it, and click “Share”
  • The game will pop up into focus, and you will see the “ is sharing a window”
  • use “Alt+tab” to switch to the browser window again, which will look like this:
  • You can just click the small “x” on the popup dialog (if you get the above dialog) to close it, it doesn’t matter.
  • it will now look like this:
  • The final step is to copy the listed URL at the top of the screen (the URL in the red square in the below picture). Just clicking on the link will copy it!
  • Send this link to the tournament organizer and they will verify that it works as expected.
  • when the match is completed feel free to click the “hang up button” to terminate the sharing.
  • The above process will have to be repeated for any match that you will be sharing with the stream.

Streaming from Mobile has a native application that can be found via a link from their web page linked above, follow the steps and it might be possible to share your gameboard via mobile.

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