Game Client

As there is a lot of depth to the project, we explain every aspect of the game client and what you can do with it.

Main interface overview

In this first part, we explain every aspect of the main interface, to help you understand it and get a global overview of the game and its components.

Profile & Settings

There are a lot of details hidden in the profile & settings menus, so we took the time to explain them.

Crafting your cards

The crafting is the second most important feature of the game (after playing) and it can be quite complex. We’re explaining how to use it wisely, and what you should pay attention to.

Card collection & Deckbuilder

We’re explaining how to use the filters to manage your collection efficiently and how the deckbuilding interface works.

Shopping & Looting

Everything you need to know about the shop and how looting works.


Missions! Or the best way to get our precious trisel.

Playing the game

Finally, an explanation of the basics of the most important aspect: the card game!