The Event Pass (Insignia) is it worth it?

This is based on information provided in the recent medium post about the Arkhante event and the event pass.

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Update – 2023-03-17:

Another update with the 0.11.4017 patch, it has been integrated into the below article.

  • Exclusive cards are now 600 Event Coins
  • Details on the odds of the random cards, and exclusive cards.
  • if you have less than 1000 ELO, you do not earn any Event Points for wins, but the more ELO you have the more EPs you earn be a win, +10 EP per 150 ELO starting from 1000, win at 1000 = 125 EP, 1150 = 135 EP etc.)

Update – 2023-03-15:

This original article was written before the Event Pass was released, after release, we have learned a few things. The article below has been updated to reflect how things actually are, the highlights being:

  • If there is a specific reward at a particular level you only get that reward and not the 10/30 event coins.
  • You don’t actually get the Exclusive card at level 50 with insignia instead you get 500 event coins.
  • You can buy levels for 120 Prana per level (6000 Prana for levels 1-50).
  • The event will last for 23 days until the 6th of April.
  • For an ELO below 1000, you receive fewer Event Points.

  • The event will last for 3 weeks, 23 days.
  • Cost 900 Prana ~ $13-14
  • There are 2 things to track, Event Points are used to level up on the event track and can be earned via games and missions and then there are Event Coins which are used in the shop.
  • The purpose is to try to collect as many Event Coins as we can, as that is the currency in the event shop.
  • We will get Event Coins by following the level track outline to the right, so we need to maximize Event point earnings to gain levels and we really need to reach that max level of level 50!
  • The most desirable thing on the event shop list should be the “Random Exclusive Card” as those will only be available during the event and never again after that! Getting as many of those as possible should be your highest priority.

Let’s outline first how much you need to play to get to level 50 on the event ladder. As we can see from the mission/quests points:

  • Weekly missions – 1520
  • Daily missions – 80
  • Ranked wins = 125 (at ELO between 1000-1150)
  • And a Total of 10,000 points by doing all the event missions.

To do your dailies you will have to win at least 3 games per day, but looking at weekly as well you will need to win 25 games in a week, which averages to 3.5 wins per day.

Assuming you do all your dailies, and weeklies you will have a minimum of 25 wins which should add up to:

Assuming your ELO is between 1000-1150.

1520*3 = 4560

80×21 = 1680

25*3*125 = 9375

Total of: 10000 + 4560 + 1680 + 9375 = 25615

25615, at 500 points per level will take you all the way to Level 51 (though the cap is 50 without the insignia).

In conclusion: Make sure you do all your dailies, and all your weeklies, and make sure to do all the event missions you will make it all the way to level 50, and still have some over (which will be helpful if you have the insignia)

Let us compare With and Without Insignia how many coins and other things you actually end up with:

Without insignia at Level 51:

  • Coins: 40*10 + 50 + 50 = 500
  • Trisel: 375 * 4 = 1500
  • 1 Profile Picture (level 20)
  • 1 Frame (level 30)
  • 1 Random card (level 40)
  • 1 Event Chest (level 50)

Unfortunately, you cannot buy the exclusive card, which is only available for insignia holders.

With the Insignia at Level 51:

  • Coins: 30*40 + 100 + 100 + 50 + 20 (for level 51) = 1470
  • Trisel: 4375 + 3*1000 = 4500
  • 3 Profile pictures (level 20, 30)
  • 1 Frame (level 20)
  • 1 Random card (level 40)
  • 1 Event chest
  • 500 event coins

for 1970 coins you can buy 3 random exclusive cards. at 600 each will be 1800 coins!

Assuming you have the Insignia, every 4 wins past level 50 equals 20 event coins (at 1000-1150 ELO)

breakdown of the shop:

  • 50 Trisel for 20 coins: This is quite a steep price, 50 Trisel for 4 wins sounds like quite a bad trade don’t do this unless you happen to have some leftover coins and the event is about to close. for a maximum of 2500 trisel.
  • Frames 250 coins: There will be 4 different frames (these are frames around your profile picture), this is half the price of an exclusive card.
  • Frames Chroma 100 coins: These are colored frames, less exclusive and more generic.
  • Emotes 300 coins: There will be 4 new unique emotes.
  • Card Back 350 coins: Exclusive card back.
  • Banner 400 coins: Banner is the background picture of your profile.
  • Footer 400 coins: The footer is at the bottom of your screen when you play.
  • Random Card 150 coins: ┬áinclude cards from Common to Rare following daily/weekly/reward chests odds.
  • Random Card+ 300 coins: include cards from Common to Mythic with hugely boosted odds: 1/10 Common, 1/10 Uncommon Battle, 2/10 Uncommon Field, 2/10 Rare, 3/10 Ultra Rare, 1/10 Mythic. Can only be done 25 times.
  • Random Exclusive Card 600 points: This is what you should be comparing all other options against, Exclusive cards are only available here and nowhere else, after this event the only way to get these cards is via the marketplace. The Odds are as follows:
    • Astrid exclusive will be directly available, at the cost of 600 Event Coins. The odds to get an alternative is 1/4, rest is usual (foil is 10%, ranks for standard are evenly split, grade for alternative follow base odds of 70/22/7/1).
    • Griffin and Giant Eagle exclusive will be available from the 22th at 5pm UTC. Odds to get an alternative is 1/4, combo is 1/6 if alternative. Rest is usual (foil is 10%, ranks for standard are evenly split, grade for alternative and combo follow base odds of 70/22/7/1).

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